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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taryn & Justin's Savannah Roundhouse Railroad Museum Wedding

It's especially exciting when we get the opportunity to meet and work with most of the family from both sides for a wedding. While most of the planning for the ceremony and reception was done with the sweet mother of the bride and bride, we also had the honor of working with the groom's family on the weekend's events ie welcome parties and brunch (photos to come). By the time the wedding weekend was here, we felt as if we knew most of all the immediate family from both sides, making the weekend that much more special. 
On wedding day, we used every inch of the Roundhouse Museum unlike ever before. Guests entered from the far end and walked the candle light path to the water tower. There, the mood was set as guests were greeted with drinks, music, and a unique guest book in which wishes were strung from the tower. Next, they moved into the ceremony space and found their seats on the historic wooden benches. After a lovely ceremony guests enjoyed cocktail hour in the garden and then made their way to the main reception space, surrounded by amazing steam engines. The stage was set with beautiful decor, amazing food and a wonderful band. Dancing and merriment was the theme of the night. When we finally had to say good night, the couple exited under a sky of stars and sparklers and then headed off on a disco bus for the after party! 
thankfully, Bonnie


Big thanks to all the amazing vendors who helped to make this a wonderful wedding!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015